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Linda Chalberg


The first phase of Linda's life consisted of obtaining a B.S. in Elementary Education along with a post graduate Library Science certification, teaching, and family things: raising two sons, coaching soccer, and volunteering in the community. Part II began in 1997 when she attended a watercolor workshop on location (en plein air) in Colorado. Since then, she has become passionate about working on location and the pursuit of painting with watercolor.

Workshops with almost twenty nationally recognized instructors along with mentors Jane E. Jones and Charlotte Britton have provided the pathway for her development as an artist. Linda has traveled in the United States, Canada, Mexico and Europe for the joy of seeing with new eyes and for the challenge of trying to capture the essence of the scene before her in a composition. Plein air sketches, field notes and photos provide the inspiration and reference material for studio paintings.

Linda’s paintings are in collections nationally and internationally. She is a signature member of the Texas Watercolor Society, has garnered awards in multiple regional juried shows and has been featured in one woman shows.

Linda seeks to simplify shapes and often enhances local color for her compositions. Her paintings reflect her love of shapes and patterns in stained glass, mosaics and quilts. Creative realism allows her to go beyond what is before her to create a painting that captures the viewer’s eye and invites exploration.

Her travel journals bulging with mementos, notes, and sketches are among Linda's most treasured possessions. She takes inspiration and information collected from her travels back to her studio to create expressive, color-filled watercolors. Whether the subject is flowers, gardens, historical structures, village scenes, vistas or unique market settings, Linda enjoys the challenge of working out a composition and the enjoyment of putting paint on paper. She works in ink, pencil and watercolor, but it is the magic of pigment swimming in water and flowing into the paper that captures her mind and heart.

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