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Estella Mendez

San Antonio
Acrylics, oils, mixed media

Some say that to be an artist is to be comfortable with your own vulnerability. This is something that artist Alicia Mendez, or otherwise known as Estella Mendez, has found to be true. This vulnerability is a prevalent motif in her art; as if wearing her heart on her sleeve through it. Her formal training spans from the University of Michigan to the University of Texas at San Antonio to community colleges in South Texas, a mod podge of training, that has created an interesting collage of ideas and influences in this young artist. Her time is spent mostly in working with Acrylics and Oils but has completed some sculptural work as well.Her artwork ranges from small pieces to large murals. She describes her artwork as a part of her essence, like a child, a product of her own self co-mingling with current events or even inspiration found in the most mundane of things. She hopes to one day create a community mural that can live on after her, truly a child of her imagination.

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