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Ligia Bedenkop

Ligia Bedenkop is a creative visual Brazilian artist who works in oil, pastels, charcoal and mixed media.

Ligia migrated from South America in 1977, and for the last 36 years she has lived in seven different States, earned two bachelors degree and learned to speak, write and read fluently in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Ligia currently works as a Clinical Laboratory supervisor. Whenever she is not in the Laboratory, she allows her brush to sing in colors and inspiring organic forms. Painting for Ligia is a way to connect with nature's majestic colors.

She studied life drawing composition at the University of Alaska in Anchorage, and Art appreciation at the University of Oregon in Eugene. Ligia also studied drawing and landscaping with Sylvia Benitez at Southwest School of Arts in San Antonio. She uses colors to express moods and natural beauty, enjoys painting landscaping, flowers and animals.

Ligia has exhibited at Gallery Nord, Bright Shawl, Institute of Art in San Antonio and Highwire Gallery. Ligia has sold several paintings to private collectors in San Antonio, Georgia, Alaska and Brazil. Ligia is a long standing member of GAGA.