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Chad Keith

Drawing & sketching

My drawings are interpretations of what I see and feel. I use several layers of pencil to create realistic pets, portraits, landscapes and architecture. In a few of my pieces, I have included repetitive and abstract elements as symbolism as well as to offer different perspectives and texture. I try to capture spirit in every piece and hope to bring the emotion, thoughts, and tranquility of the subject to the viewer.

I was born in Colorado Springs, CO. My passion for drawing began as a young child. I pursued art in secondary school, taking as many classes as I could as well as a few private lessons. I attended a liberal arts college, Western State, in Gunnison, CO for one year.

Having limited income and self-paid tuition, I changed paths. I began working at the Craftwood Inn in Manitou Springs, CO, a fine dining wild game establishment, where I worked for almost 10 years. Taking on a different passion of art, I worked my way up the ranks and left as Sous Chef.

During the next 10 years I traveled to Minnesota, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, working as Chef in many different environments. Meanwhile, I continued to sketch, never abandoning my first passion and bringing what I learned from the kitchen and applying it to a different palate.

I believe expression of art, on a plate or canvas, offers creativity, captivation, and emotion. As a chef, I had afforded the guest with excitement, pleasure and satisfaction. As an artist I desire to provide the viewer with sensuality, inspiration, and enchantment.

I now reside in San Antonio, TX and am a member of the Boerne Professional Artists, and the San Antonio Art League Museum. I am also an active volunteer for Inspire Fine Art Center and teach drawing classes through the Health and Wellness Center at the Benedictine Sisters Monastery in Boerne, TX

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