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Charlotte Barbini


To create that which is pleasing to one’s eye is self-satisfying. To create that which is pleasing to another’s eye is art. This has been Charlotte’s philosophy on her long adventure of life. How wonderful it is to be an artist, to have a part of you live on in your work, to be seen and appreciated. An artist is completely open when painting and leaves a bit of oneself in each stroke of the brush. The color, the setting, lightness and darkness are a reflection of the artist that leaves one vulnerable and exposed. Art is a powerful tool. It represents the artist and is a reflection of one’s inner self. An artist has a need to create, to give, to put on canvas all that is within, to risk, and become invincible! Yes, art is indeed powerful, beautiful, beguiling, and interesting. And yes, it is indeed wonderful to be an artist.

“I couldn’t wait for retirement and when it came after 51 years of working, mainly in medical practice development, I decided to return to an old love – painting. I joined our local Center Art Club, volunteered with the Round Rock Arts Council and dove in head first with a desire to create and reproduce the many photographs I have from enchanting and exciting travels, and adventures. I am told that when you really love something, it shows - and oh, do I love painting in oil or pastel. I have been privileged to be chosen to exhibit in juried shows and have won many awards. I have also been commissioned to paint portraits of children and pets. My paintings are in private and corporate collections in Honolulu, HI to Santa Barbara, CA Hershey, PA and many homes and offices in between.

My recent painting, Shasta Verdaccio won “Best In Show” and “People’s Choice” award at the prestigious Imagine Show at Texas State University. Lily of the Valley was accepted by jury for exhibit in the National Art Museums of Budapest, Stockholm, and Bucharest. The greatest award is a recent painting of a Texas Longhorn that my grandchildren have asked that I never sell. They want to keep it for themselves.

My family and friends continue to encourage and inspire me to paint better, more precise, and yet, with flourish, excitement, and abandon. And so, I have been renewed by my return to my old passion. What more can one hope for at any age? Love, desire, fulfillment, opportunity, adventure and surprise.

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