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Pauly Tamez

Oil Landscapes

Two weeks after moving to Boerne, I walked into an art gallery on Main Street that changed my life. I remember there was a wall directly in front of the door that had several oil paintings of the Texas hill country. I walked over to one particular painting, and as I was looking at it, I was overcome with emotion. The painting (by Bill Zaner) drew me in immediately, and somehow was able to convey something very deep, and reassured me that Linda and I had made the best decision. There was peace in the painting – something that took me back to a time long before Linda and I met – a scene of the hills that said, “Welcome home.” I allowed the emotion to consume me, and I stood there, weeping, feeling peace, like a hand was on my shoulder comforting my soul.

It was months later, after frequenting that gallery, and hanging out (I made it known I wasn’t leaving) with several artists who have become my friends and support, that I decided I wanted to paint again. I had no clue where to start, but I mentioned to my nephew that I needed to buy some paints, and he told me he had a whole box of them someone had abandoned. I paid him a few bucks, acquired some canvas panels, pulled out my collection of brushes someone had given me years back, and started painting.

My life has changed as I have uncovered a passion that began years ago, as a teenager that loved to dabble with watercolor. I was lucky enough to meet my friend, Johny Rosa, a man of similar passion for life that shows in everything he does. And I was lucky to meet those artists whom I now call my friends – I’ve drank a lot of beer with these guys…and traveled places with them to paint. They have all encouraged me to pursue excellence, and I have gotten better.

So here I am in Boerne, an artist struggling to get better, building what will be my next career to take me through “retirement.” And life is good. I am lucky to have a good company in which to work, that pays me well. I have a boss that encourages me to get out of my comfort zone. All I am learning at work, I am applying to my art. I’m being challenged, I’m striving to get better, and I am learning how to be me.

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